Windows 7 FTP Server

Can Windows 7 act as an FTP server without any third-party utilities? You bet it can. It’s actually part of the Internet Information Services feature that can be installed after the normal Windows 7 installation is complete.

If you select Programs and Features in the Control Panel, you can then click the link that reads, "Turn Windows features on or off." At this point, you can expand the Internet Information Services node and then expand FTP Server and check FTP Service. You should then expand the Web management tools node and check IIS Management console. Click OK and wait for the service to be installed. You’ll be told that it might take several minutes, but on a decent computer, it should be done in less than one.

Once the Windows 7 ftp service is installed, you should be able to access the IIS management console in the Administrative Tools folder. Now you can configure the FTP service to your liking.

This service depends on Authorization rules. You can enable anonymous users or enforce authorization based on users or groups.