Headed to Wireless Field Day 3 (WFD3)

I have been selected as a delegate for WFD3 and will be attending in September. You can learn more about it here: http://techfieldday.com/2012/wfd3. This event is just one more thing that shows how great it is to be an IT professional. We understand community. We breath community. We are not the nerds in the basement anymore. Now, we’re the nerds on Twitter 🙂

Seriously though, the WFD3 event is going to be exciting. We get to visit with vendors and learn about the latest enhancements to their technologies for WLANs. I’m looking forward to learning new information and hanging out with the greatest techs in the whole industry: Wi-Fi geeks.

During the event, I will blog, tweet and post videos so that we can all learn together. If you don’t follow me yet, I’m at twitter.com/carpentertom. As I blog during the event, the blog posts will be duplicated here and at CWNP.com so you can check either location to see all that’s happening.

Currently, the delegates for the event are as follows:

Ryan Adzima A Boring Look @radzima
Tom Carpenter CWNP @carpentertom
Sam Clements SC-WiFi @samuel_clements
Daniel Cybulskie Simply WiFi @SimplyWiFi
Rocky Gregory Intensified @bionicrocky
Jennifer Huber I ♥ WiFi @JenniferLucille
Blake Krone Digital Lifestyle NSA Show @blakekrone
Chris Lyttle WiFi Kiwi’s Blog @wifikiwi
Sean Rynearson WiFiGeeks @Srynearson
Scott Stapleton Not your fathers WiFi @scottpstapleton
George Stefanick my802.11 @wirelesssguru
Gregor Vučajnk 802dot11 @gregorvucajnk