Tom Carpenter’s Wi-FiStatGUI Tool

Here is another quick tool for this weekend. This tool simply grabs the output from NETSH WLAN SHOW INTERFACE and displays the results in the Windows interface (because you can’t quickly see all this in the Windows GUI). You can change the refresh interval in ms.

If no wireless connection is active, you will see a screen like the following:

Wi-FiStatGUI with no connection
Wi-FiStatGUI with no connection

When a connection is active, you will see the following:

Wi-FiStatGUI with a connection
Wi-FiStatGUI with a connection

If you want to have the percentage signal strength converted to dBm, you can use the following formula:

if(quality <= 0)
    dBm = -100
else if(quality >= 100)
    dBm = -50 or better
    dBm = (quality / 2) - 100

If enough people ask for it, I may take the time to add the conversion into the output for you.

Here is the download link:


One thought on “Tom Carpenter’s Wi-FiStatGUI Tool”

  1. Love it! Very useful in a world with such little status information from Windows. And building the dBm equation into the tool would be extremely useful too.

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