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Tom Carenter
Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter is the author of fifteen books on topics of interest to technical professionals published by McGraw-Hill and Sybex, including Wireless Networking, SQL Server, Windows Administration and VoIP. He is currently the CTO at CWNP and is responsible for setting the direction and managing the content for the certifications available for Wireless LAN professionals.  He also teaches technical and professional development classes.

Before starting his own company in 1997, he worked for a large Fortune 500 company division based in central Ohio. There he worked as a computer and systems administrator. Before that he worked for several tech firms on projects ranging from system builds to software development.

Your energy comes from your passion more than from your plate. Find your passion; find your energy. – Tom Carpenter

21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tom, I just wanted to let you know that a appreciate you! You are the easiest author to edit here at the Cedar Office (in my opinion) and I have honestly learned so much from your lessons just editing. Keep up the good work and thanks!


  2. Tom, I want to check out your new book (CWNA/CWSP Combo) and see if it can be used as the Textbook for the "Wireless LAN" class I teach at UMD. Please contact me or give me your personal email ID so that we can carry this conversation further. Thanks.

    1. You can absolutely use it as the textbook. I can provide you with images from the book for slides if you like. This offering is only available to teachers and professors, but I would be glad to help you out. My email is in the front of the book in the Introduction.

  3. Hello Tom,
     I just bought your book title CWNA/CWSP All-in-One Exam Guide for the CWNA Exam. Could you please tell me which chapters or parts of the book I ought to read for the CWNA exam ?
    I need your urgent reply as I am about to write the exam very soon.

  4. Dear Tom,

    Liked your catch phrase “Your energy comes from your passion more than from your plate. Find your passion; find your energy”.

    Please help me, i need a software solution to run a legacy foxpro 2.6a for dos 32-bit exe application on Windows 2008 R2 Operating System.

    Would appreciate if you could guide me, thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Tom,
    I just purchased your SQL server admin book, which is such a smooth read for SQL beginners. You have done a tremendous job with outlining the fundamentals & processees in a clear manner, I look forward to reading your additional material. Thank you so much

  6. Hello Tom, I’m new to the IT industry and it has been a pleasure listening and learning from you. It is reassuring to see that a seasoned IT tech as yourself still has the same amount of passion and drive as someone new to the field. Thanks.

  7. Hi Tom,

    I have had the book SQL Server 2008 Administration: Real-World Skills for MCITP Certification and Beyond (Exams 70-432 and 70-450) title for a while now. Just recently started working with SQL 2012. Is it possible for me to get a .pdf of the next title –
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration: Real-World Skills for MCSA Certification and Beyond?

    Many thanks

    1. Sorry but that’s not something in my power to do. Sybex owns the distribution rights to those books.

  8. Hey Tom! I’m working my way through the LearnKey Security+ training as we speak and just hit the Wireshark exercise (which is why I’m here, as I’m following along on my PC).

    Loving the training so far. Thanks.

    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I always liked filming those LearnKey courses. Don’t work with them these days due to changes on my end and theirs, but those courses were always fun.


      1. Just as an aside, what do you think about how the CompTIA exam questions sometimes contradict each other?

        For Example: I’ve passed Network+ and am working through A+ and Security+ simultaneously, so I’ve covered the A+ 901 material and am taking mock exams. Whilst working through the Security+ Learnkey material.

        One of the answers on the A+ mock test referred to securing a wireless network had both hiding the SSID and using MAC filtering as correct answers and as you know those are both false security methods.

        Now it’s possible that this is a mistake by the people creating the mock exam but it’s supposed to be based on previous 901 official question & answers.

        I sat there for a good while thinking ‘none of the above’ for that question…

        1. Good point. I’ve noticed that too. Part of the problem is that there is no inter-exam review. Meaning they do not have the same SME (subject matter expert) sit on all the groups to bring consistency. Also, if I am teaching a CompTIA topic, I will teach what is right regardless of what the exam might ask for. Honestly, I’d rather someone know the right information and miss a question on the exam than be out there in the field, for example, thinking that hiding an SSID is good security.

  9. Hi Tom,
    I want to buy cwna -107 study guide. But on amazon it’s expensive can you please suggest some other place?
    I really need this book to prepare for this exam which will help me in my career.
    Please help

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